My Avatar

This is my avatar. He represents me because I always wear jeans. I do this because I don’t usually wear shorts because I don’t feel comfortable with people looking at my bruised legs. Another reason he represents me is because of his dark shoes. I almost always wear black shoes because they match almost anything and they just look good! Also, he is wearing a dark bookbag. This is because most of my life is going to school or doing something school-related and I have dark. The last thing is his light hair. This is because I have blond hair. That is how my avatar represents me.


Here is where I created the avatar

About Me

Hello, world! My name is Rhett. I am in 7th grade and in advanced ELA. I like to draw, play video games, and make crafts. I have a brother and sister and I am the youngest child. Some games that I like to play are Call of Duty WW2, Gta5, Call of Duty Black Ops 2, Call of Duty Warzone, and Minecraft. I play on Xbox One. Most of my friends at school are doing full online so I don’t get to see them, and the only way I can talk to them is through texting or Xbox. I don’t consider myself good at drawing, and I don’t get better at it, even though I really try. That is all about me.